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Inversion Tables


An inversion table is just like a normal table on a pivot. To use safely, you must lie on it and strap on your legs allowing the table to move you upside down.  Inversion table has even been used in the hospital for therapy to patients with pains that could be caused by weak muscles. Research shows that inversion table is one of the best therapy for back pains. It uses gravity to move your body upside down thus exercising almost every part of your body. Chronic back pain is one of the conditions that have been solved by the inversion table therapy.


It is used for therapy purposes there are so many benefits of using an inversion table. One of them is that it allows blood circulation. It is a simple exercise that helps your body to relax opening up your veins as the muscles move. At this point, the blood can circulate through your body efficiently. It also helps to release the back pain. If you use these inversion tables for a while, it is going to give you short-term effects whereby your back pains or lower abdominal pains are going to seize for a while.


However, the pains may come back that is the reason why people are advised to do the inversion table exercise for a more extended period for best results. People who suffer from pains due to wrong posture or heavy tasks should use the inversion table frequently. Apart from that, it also helps to maintain your height. As we have said the muscles tend to stretch thus those supporting your height will not shrink at any point. The inversion table allows blood to flow into your brain. It helps to increase your thinking capacity as well as boosting your memory thus it is not only for physical fitness but also mental fitness. It also helps to relieve other pains like a headache. Therefore, an inversion table can be said to be of general body health, go here!


If you would like to try using the inversion table. You can learn some of the techniques from several websites on the internet that is if you do not have the knowledge to use it. When purchasing the inversion table ensure to buy one that is strong enough to support your weight. You can ask for help when deciding on the best inversion table in the market since they are a variety of them. You should always buy one of high quality that will last for long. To learn more about inversion tables, go to